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Published July 13, 2021
Expiration date: 7/27/2021

The proposed work that would occur below the 225.5’ full pool elevation of Lake Wateree would consist of improving a swimming area, constructing sidewalks with picnic areas, replacing a retaining wall, grading, and constructing a courtesy dock.  In detail, the proposed work would include removal and replacement of 150 linear feet of retaining wall.  Work proposed in the area below the full pool elevation and above the retaining wall would include the placement of 16.3 cubic yards of fill material within 0.006 acre, grading of 0.074 acre, and installation of a sidewalk with 35 cubic yards of concrete placed within a 0.027 acre area.  Below the retaining wall, a new swimming area would be created through the placement of 123 cubic yards of clean sand over 0.322 acre.  Rip-rap would also be used to flank the swimming area and would include 26 cubic yards of fill over 0.025 acre.  A courtesy dock and sloping abutment of 100’ x 8’ would be installed with 4.2 cubic yards of concrete.  The applicant has not proposed to mitigate for impacts to wetlands and/or waters of the United State. Per the applicant, the project purpose is to improve an existing recreational facility.