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Published May 7, 2019
Expiration date: 6/5/2019

The proposed project consists of establishing a freshwater stream and wetland mitigation bank in the Broad River watershed (8-digit Hydrologic Unit Code 03050105) located in the Level III Piedmont Ecoregion.  The proposed 435-acre mitigation site includes approximately 36,600 linear feet of stream channels and approximately 10 acres of freshwater wetlands.

The proposal is to restore or enhance 11 1st order seasonal tributaries totaling approximately 5,417 linear feet of stream, 8 1st order perennial tributaries totaling 6,071 linear feet of stream, 6 2nd order perennial tributaries totaling approximately 11,156 linear feet, 2 3rd order perennial tributaries totaling approximately 3,946 linear feet, and 1 4th order perennial tributary totaling 10,010 linear feet. All tributaries within the bank are currently proposed for some level of restoration. Level 1 Restoration will involve primarily bank stabilization with limited grade control in reaches with adequate bedrock. Level 2 Restoration includes profile adjustment and in-stream structures in addition to the bank stabilization measures. Level 3 Restoration is the highest level of proposed restoration and would include the construction of a new channel along reaches that exhibit lateral instability. Once the mitigation work is complete, the bank sponsor proposes to monitor the mitigation site to ensure that the restoration areas are performing as expected and meeting the necessary performance standards.  The bank sponsor, using a conservation easement, will protect the mitigation bank site.