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The Charleston District is fully immersed in the social media world. Using social media allows us to reach audiences quickly and communicate transparently with them. Social media also allows for immediate dissemination of information and provides a forum to receive open feedback.

The Charleston District’s social media sites also provide key information on projects and the other work we are doing around South Carolina and the nation. Here, we post photos of our projects, job announcements, contracting opportunities, news articles we have been a part of, information on hurricane and boating safety, and so much more. So come on over and “follow” us, “like” us, or “subscribe” to us to learn more about what we do in a real-time fashion. Join in the discussion by commenting or mentioning us and let us know how we can best serve you.

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Social Media Terms of Use

While our social media sites are an open forum, they are also family friendly, so please keep your comments and wall posts clean. We ask that you follow our posting guidelines here. Comments and posts that do not follow these guidelines will be removed.

To learn more, visit the Department of Defense Social Media User Agreement webpage.