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Project manager depicting hydric soil indicators.


Outreach is a vital part of the Regulatory Program. Participating in outreach events provides us with the opportunity to educate the public about our mission and our role as environmental stewards. Each year the Charleston District Regulatory Division participates in numerous outreach events throughout South Carolina where we have the opportunity to interact with thousands of people. 

Junior ecologist learning about watersheds with our interactive modules.



Our events include visiting schools to talk to students of all ages, holding seminars at colleges, participating in career fairs, making presentations to businesses, environmental professionals, interest groups, local, state and federal agencies, as well as participating in various workshops.  We also participate in public events such as the Southeastern Wildlife Expo, the Sportsman's Classic, and the Charleston County Earth Day Celebration.



Students learning about wetland plants.


Though our audiences may change, our objectives are to educate the public  about wetlands and the regulatory program.  If you are interested in having us come and talk to your class, organization, or group, or would like us to attend your event, please contact us.