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Charleston VA
DLA Warehouse
DLA Warehouse
DLA Warehouse
DLA Warehouse
MARFORRES Headquarters
MARFORRES Headquarters
Savannah River Site
Savannah River Site
Savannah River Site
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Savannah River Site
Savannah River Site

Interagency & International Support

The District’s robust IIS program provides technical assistance to non-Department of Defense federal agencies. The District provides engineering and construction services, environmental restoration and management services, research and development assistance, management of water and land related natural resources, relief and recovery work, and technical services to these agencies.

Defense Logistics Agency


The District serves as the “One Door to the Corps” for our worldwide customer, the Defense Logistics Agency- Installation Support for Distribution that has 22 warehouse facilities CONUS and five warehouse facilities OCONUS. The District supports these warehouse facilities with sustainment, restoration and modernization, preventative maintenance, facility maintenance and repairs and fire suppression upgrades.


Marine Forces Reserve

The Charleston District provides a wide-range of services, including facilities sustainment, restoration and modernization, direct digital controls for HVAC systems, intervention detection systems for security, and planned preventative maintenance, inspection, repair and certification to the 160 installations that MARFORRES maintains nationwide.

The District also helps keep their Marine Corps Reserve Centers functioning and up-to-date through a variety of construction and service contracts, such as tactical vehicle wash racks, anti-terrorism and force protection, and providing fixtures, furnishings and equipment for recently renovated centers around the nation.

DoE/NNSA at Savannah River Site

Savannah River Site (SRS) is an approximately 310-square mile site that is located 12 miles south of Aiken, South Carolina and is managed by the Department of Energy (DOE).  It is bordered on the west by the Savannah River and Georgia and is close to several major cities, including Augusta and Savannah in Georgia and Columbia, Greenville, and Charleston in South Carolina.  SRS is located in an area that local residents refer to as the Central Savannah River Area, or CSRA.  Established in 1950 by the Atomic Energy Commission, initial construction at SRS began in the early 1950s to support the production of tritium and plutonium for our nation's defense programs and nuclear stockpile.  Currently, the three primary DOE mission areas - nuclear weapons stockpile stewardship, nuclear materials stewardship, and environmental stewardship - are supported at SRS.  Focus on these mission areas has led to continuing missions in tritium reprocessing and defense waste processing, as well as environmental remediation and waste clean-up efforts.

Charleston District has been supporting DOE at SRS under an Interagency Agreement (IA) that was signed by the Site Manager and the Chief of Engineers in August 1985.  This IA was replaced at the request of DOE in June 2010.  The IA allows the Charleston District to support DOE within two major categories of work, Project Management Services and Design/Construction Management Services.  Under Project Management Services, Charleston District supports DOE for general project management services, cost estimating, economic studies, design reviews, value engineering studies, and construction surveillance.  Under Construction Management Services, Charleston District supports DOE for traditional design, procurement, and construction functions.  All design/construction projects have been facility and infrastructure related.  Charleston District has also been able to support work at other DOE facilities nationwide on tasks assigned by DOE-HQ, utilizing other District and Laboratory resources through the "One Door to the Corps" policy.

Since 2004, Charleston District has also been providing project and construction management support to the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) at SRS.  NNSA is a semi-autonomous agency within DOE that is responsible for enhancing national security through the military application of nuclear energy and non-proliferation of nuclear materials.

Veterans Affairs

The District aids four VA Medical Centers in South Carolina and Georgia by providing design, construction and renovation support. In addition to this, the District has access to a full range of engineering, construction, procurement, administrative, and advisory staff that are available to support the VA in their efforts to execute their respective programs. The District is also supporting the VA’s National Cemetery Administration and the Fort Jackson National Cemetery with a cemetery expansion project.

Other Customers

Environmental Services (Shaw AFB, Ft. Jackson):

• Reimbursable Environmental Support (Environmental Quality)
• Air Quality Monitoring
• Prescribed Fire Burning
• Environmental Technician
• GIS Technician
• RCRA Permit Manager

Department of State:

• Bldg 644 Renovation at Charleston Federal Complex

National Park Service:

• Dredging at Ft. Moultrie
• Dock Repairs at Ft. Sumter
• Renewable Energy at Ft. Sumter