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Purpose of Maps

Maps available at the links below are viewable in PDF format using the free Adobe Reader. These maps have been created to provide boaters and other users with general channel condition maps that are easier to read than the standard hydrographic survey maps. These pages are updated periodically with the latest hydrographic survey data for each project. Dates for each survey are noted on the maps.

NOTE: The condition surveys depicted on these drawings are not intended to replace nautical charts published by National Ocean Service, U.S. Coast Guard aids to navigation, or U.S. Coast Guard Notices to Mariners. The soundings on these drawings only indicate the general condition of the channel on the date of the survey, and are not intended to be used for navigational purposes.

Charleston District Hydrographic Maps


        - Charleston Harbor Entrance Channel (as of August 2018)

        - Charleston Lower Harbor (as of July 2018)

        - Charleston Upper Harbor (as of June 2018)

        - Shipyard River (as of Sept 2018)

        - Joint Base Charleston Channel (as of June 2011)

        - Georgetown Harbor (as of August 2018)

        - Port Royal Harbor (as of August 2018)

    Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (AIWW):

        - Little River to Bucksport (as of November 2017)        

        - Winyah Bay to Charleston (as of October 2017)

        - Charleston to Port Royal (as of September 2017)

    Inlets, Creeks, Rivers:

        - Ashley River (as of March 2017)

        - Calabash Creek  (as of November 2017)

        - Folly River (as of July 2018) 

        - Stono Inlet (as of October 2017)

        - Jeremy Creek (as of March 2018)

        - Little River Inlet (as of November 2017)

        - Murrells Inlet (as of May 2018)

        - Town Creek Entrance (as of October 2017)

        - Shem Creek (as of July 2018)

        - Brookgreen Garden Canal (as of January 2018)