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Posted 7/3/2018

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By Sean McBride

In May, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers South Atlantic Division Commander Brig. Gen. Diana Holland visited South Carolina to see several projects the Charleston District is currently working on. Holland started her day by speaking to the students at Ashley Hall School about her time in the Army before heading to Folly Beach. There, she met with Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin and his staff to discuss the upcoming emergency renourishment project the District will oversee, which will protect the people and property behind the dunes from any storms or hurricanes this season. Holland then imparted some wisdom on the recent graduates from the District’s Leadership Development Program Tier 2 over lunch. The group discussed challenges facing the organization now and what she sees as her top priorities for the Division.

Holland later traveled to the Cooper River Rediversion Project and met with the District’s St. Stephen Powerhouse staff. She learned how the District provides hydropower to more than 40,000 homes in the area and talked with South Carolina Department of Natural Resources staff about the fish lift on site.

Holland also visited Columbia, S.C., where she learned about delineating wetlands from the Columbia Regulatory Field Office and stopped by Fort Jackson to see a number of military construction projects currently underway. She spent most of her time viewing the Pierce Terrace Elementary School project that is bringing a brand new 21st century school to the base for the children of the soldiers stationed there.

Having Holland see the Charleston District’s projects gave her a better perspective on the workload the District’s employees face and the importance of these projects to South Carolina and the nation.