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Posted 6/3/2013

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By Sara Corbett
Corporate Communications

Soldiers at Fort Jackson work hard, and to provide them the reprieve they need, the Charleston District recently renovated the Noncommissioned Officers Club and the Legion Pool at Fort Jackson.

In March 2012, an electrical fire shut down the NCO Club. The fire caused significant heat and smoke damage to the building, interior finishes and mechanical and electrical equipment, which required a total overhaul.

"To ensure the same level of comfort and amenities that the Soldiers were accustomed to at the original NCO Club, the District oversaw the installation of new lighting and new HVAC duct work and the rework of the electrical, sprinkler and sound system to the 10,000 sq. ft. building," said Wayne Griffith, project engineer for the NCO Club renovation project. "We want our Soldiers to have a place where they can relax and unwind."

The use of the NCO Club is abundant, from baby showers on the weekends to basic training graduation dinners every Wednesday night as well as Soldiers starting their day with a hearty breakfast and ending their Saturday nights on the dance floor at "Classic Soul Saturdays." There are several rooms of various sizes to accommodate all the diverse uses. The main ballroom has a built-in stage and huge dance floor, while another room boasts a 50 foot wooden bar and a cozy fire place.

To keep the renovation costs low, the Corps salvaged as much of the club as they could, including using some of the original flooring, doors, chandeliers and dance floor lighting, which included the mirror balls. This $4.2 million green project was completed in April 2013.

Another way that Soldiers are able to relax on post is at the Legion Pool. Fort Jackson is sweltering hot during the summer and after a long day in the heat, the Legion Pool is one place to cool-off. The pool was built in 1959 and outdated. To find out exactly what needed to be updated and repaired, the Corps studied the existing pool and decided to renovate it.

"One aspect we changed was the entry," said project manager Lee Shokes. "It is a beach-entry, so it’s slightly sloped and the depth is gradual. You start at zero feet and end at 10 feet."

To go with the upgraded pool, the Corps also renovated the pool house. There are new benches, showers and bathrooms, and all of the plumbing and roofing was replaced. The pool will be ready for swimming by the end of June.

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