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Posted 11/24/2015

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By Glenn Jeffries

Three mayors, state delegators, numerous city and county councilmen, five congressional staffers and more than 30 local federal agency leaders. Add a beautiful setting, some hot coffee and ham biscuits and what do you have? The Federal Executive Association’s first ever stakeholders’ drop-in. More than 80 public officials gathered with senior federal leaders at the Coast Guard Station on Tradd Street on a perfect fall day for a networking event aimed at strengthening relationships and building new partnerships. Charleston Mayor Joe Riley was the guest of honor and was presented with a silver tray for the support he has given the federal agencies over his 40 year tenure.

The purpose of the FEA is to promote coordination of agency programs for maximum public benefit, and foster acquaintances and good fellowship among management officials of departments, offices and agencies of the federal government performing official business in the tri-county area.

The FEA strives to promote a better understanding of each agency’s mission, discussing matters of mutual interest and working with the appropriate city, county and state officials on issues the government is involved in. The FEA also acts as a liaison between the management of industry and business and the management of the federal government to ensure a smooth working relationship. This event went a long way in helping the FEA achieve these goals.

“In life, relationships are primary, everything else is secondary….” - Ron David, MDiv., PH.D., MD