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Posted 3/18/2016

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By Sean McBride

Since 2010, the Charleston District has been working with the Army Reserve’s 81st Regional Support Command throughout the southeastern United States to conduct a wide-range of facility investment projects and base operating services to keep approximately 300 Army Reserves installations with 700 facilities working properly. The installations are broken down into 11 different regions across nine states and Puerto Rico. The work being done at each of these installations is vastly different and includes preventive maintenance and minor repairs to stop issues before they become problems. The list below gives an example of a few different types of work being done, represented by pictures within each region shown above.

  • Region A- preventive maintenance on an HVAC system within an Army facility
  • Region B- installing new chillers to maintain temperature control at installations
  • Region C- inspecting HVAC roof vents to ensure they are in proper working condition
  • Region D- installation of portable air conditioning units in workspaces to provide temporary cooling
  • Region E- taking inventory of supplies and equipment, such as Army vehicles used when deployed
  • Region F- constructing a safety platform for performing maintenance on power generators
  • Region G- investigating leaks in roof membrane and windows and properly sealing them
  • Region H- changing out electrical panels
  • Region J- pumping out sewage backup and installing new pipes
  • Region K- checking watertight-integrity on windows and brick exteriors
  • Region P- ground vegetation removal and maintenance in areas around a wind turbine in Puerto Rico

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