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Hurricane Florence

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District, has activated their Emergency Operations Center and has been responding to Hurricane Florence recovery efforts. The District’s priority continues to be the life, health, and safety of those potentially impacted by Hurricane Florence.

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Recent Updates:

  • Hurricane Florence made landfall on Sept. 14 near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina at 7:15 a.m. as a Category 1 hurricane. Florence made its way across North and South Carolina very slowly, causing tremendous rain and flooding. This storm exceeded a number of rainfall, wind speed and flood stage records and is responsible for at least 15 deaths.
  • Our priority continues to be life, health, and safety of all personnel who will be potentially affected by Hurricane Florence. 
  • The Charleston District assists the state as FEMA's engineer, providing temporary power, debris management and infrastructure assessments if assigned by FEMA. FEMA has tasked the District with dam safety assessment and requested emergency power and temporary roofing/rapid repair SMEs. Four flood fight SME’s are stationed for Horry/Marion/Georgetown counties. Two dam safety assessment teams, four temporary roofing SMEs and one debris removal SME are stationed at the state EOC in Columbia. 
  • The hydraulic sandbag team has moved to Georgetown, SC in response to anticipated flooding in Georgetown County. The sandbag machine is producing 500-700 sandbags per hour for the city of Georgetown, who is distributing the sandbags to local residents.
  • Total sandbag creation- 60,000 in Horry County, 20,000 in Florence County, 18,000 in Georgetown County, 3,100 (plus 1,000 empty) in Pawley’s Island.
  • SME's have been actively engaged in flood fighting with Horry County and presented a solution to keep US HWY 501 open and passable if flood water rise as predicted. HESCO barriers have been delivered and installed by the SC National Guard. Once complete, more than 12,000 linear feet of barrier will be installed. The Corps’ automatic sandbag machine is on-site creating small sandbags quickly. Almost 3,000 bags were created on day one. Additionally, super sandbags were delivered and installed yesterday. 
  • Charleston District’s survey team completed surveys of the Folly Beach and Myrtle Beach coastal storm damage reduction projects on Wednesday. The team collected post-storm data to compare to data taken before the storm to determine if there was any sand loss or movement as a result of the storm. Both projects have begun re-mobilizing and plan to begin again next week. The data will be compared to the pre-storm surveys and a plan will be made based on the results. 
  • USACE is postured to provide flood support especially to the low lying counties in South Carolina.
  • Corps assessment teams are ready to respond to requests from mayors or other local officials to inspect dams. The Charleston District is supporting the state with Dam Safety engineers focused on over 40 dams and assistance with inundation mapping.  The District inspected Fort Jackson’s Weston and Legion. Weston was lowered a few weeks ago and there is very little water in Upper Legion and not much water in the Lower Legion. USACE has a great deal of technical knowledge in this area and stands ready to send reaction teams if degradation of a structure is seen at the request of local officials.

Overall Information:

Hurricane Florence has the potential to be a devastating storm which could impact the entire East Coast and the hazards might be felt state wide in South Carolina with flooding, severe winds, and power outages. The Charleston District prepares and trains for events such as this and has incorporated lessons learned from last year’s unprecedented storm season.

The District has strong standing partnerships with state, county, and local officials to prepare for Hurricane Florence and has Liaison Officers dispatched to Horry, Georgetown, Berkeley and Charleston Counties as well as to the State Emergency Operations Center in Columbia. The Liaison Officers will work with the state and counties to provide them with assistance where possible as well as provide feedback to USACE on local conditions and needs. Emergency response will be coordinated as needed and directed through the Federal Emergency Management Office, but USACE remains ready to support in whatever way is requested. The Charleston District is prepared to respond in debris removal, temporary roofing, and infrastructure assessment missions.

The Charleston District is in close coordination with the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Charleston as well as the Captain of the Port and are dedicated to having the Charleston Harbor clear and open as quickly as possible in order to ensure safe passage for vessels post-storm.

The Charleston District, along with the U.S. Geological Survey, is closely monitoring the salinity levels in the Cooper River to protect the water supply in bushy park reservoir, which is the water supply for the City of Charleston. At this time, salinity levels are normal.

For more information on the Charleston District response to Hurricane Florence, please visit: 
www.sac.usace.army.milhttps://www.facebook.com/CharlestonCorps and http://www.twitter.com/CharlestonCorps.

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