Charleston District’s Civil Works Program for Fiscal Years 2017 and 2018

Published May 25, 2017
Charleston, SC- In good news for South Carolina, more than $100 million was allocated to the Charleston District’s Civil Works program for FY 2017. The FY 2017 program includes funding outlined in yesterday’s Work Plan as well as emergency appropriations provided by the December 2016 continuing resolution.

Highlights include $17.5 million to initiate construction of the Charleston Harbor Post 45 project, which will begin with the entrance channel. A project partnership agreement between the SCPA and the Corps must still be approved and signed for the first construction contract to be awarded and work to begin.

Additionally, the District received $13.4 million for the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, of which $9.4 million will be used to dredge critical shoals and $4 million will allow much-needed disposal area maintenance work to be completed.

Approximately $4.7 million for Lakes Marion and Moultrie were allocated to construct the Dorchester Reach water transmission line bringing potable water to an underserved area of the state.

The Myrtle Beach project received approximately $35 million for beach nourishment, allowing all three reaches to replace sand lost from Hurricanes Matthew and Joaquin as well as place sand required to bring the beaches back to their design.

The balance includes $11.8 million that will be used to fund maintenance work for the Cooper River Rediversion project in St. Stephen, along with $17.5 million that will be used for annual maintenance dredging of the lower reaches in Charleston Harbor and other projects with annual operation and maintenance needs.

The White House also released the President’s Budget for fiscal year 2018, which included approximately $22.2 million for the District’s Civil Works program. This budget reflects the Administration’s priorities to focus on the highest performing work within the Corps’ three main water resource missions; commercial navigation, flood and storm damage reduction and aquatic ecosystem

The Budget allocated funds for maintenance dredging, condition surveys and environmental activities. Funds consist of $16.1 million for Charleston Harbor maintenance dredging, $5 million for routine operation and maintenance of the Cooper River Rediversion Project, $875,000 for project condition surveys, $199,500 for the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, and $65,000 for inspections of completed works.

Glenn Jeffries

Release no. 17-002