South Carolina Federal Beaches Status Update

Published Sept. 14, 2017
Charleston, S.C. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District is currently conducting post-storm analyses on their federal storm damage reduction projects. The two federal storm damage reduction projects managed by the Charleston District in South Carolina are Folly Beach and the Grand Strand.

The Charleston District will perform an initial assessment of Folly Beach this week and the Grand Strand early next week to document any sand loss from the projects. Once that is completed, a detailed report will be written and sent to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters where it will be reviewed to see if the projects meet the necessary criteria to qualify for emergency funding.

Myrtle Beach Renourishment Update:

The Myrtle Beach Storm Damage Reduction Project will resume construction at Surfside Beach in the coming days. The contractor, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock, will start pumping and dredging at 8th Avenue South and will move south, as originally scheduled. Since weather and mechanical delays are built into the construction timeline, there will not be an impact to the schedule. Construction on Garden City and Surfside Beach will be completed by the end of September and begin on North Myrtle Beach in October.

“The portion of the project that was completed pre-Hurricane Irma successfully did the job it was intended to do,” said Wes Wilson, project manager. “The people and property behind the dunes were protected from major damage. If erosion did occur during Hurricane Irma, sand replacement would depend on funding and contractor availability.”

For updates and progress on the project, please visit the Corps’ website

Folly Beach update:

The Charleston District will be sending out additional information tomorrow about a media event for Friday where reporters will be able to view post-storm inspections being conducted.

Non-Federal Beaches:

These two projects are the only federally authorized projects maintained by the Charleston District. Other South Carolina beaches are not federal projects and we can only perform work for them if requested by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


Glenn Jeffries

Release no. 17-007