Government Shutdown Impacts to Charleston District

Published Oct. 1, 2013
CHARLESTON, SC- Yesterday, Congress failed to reach an agreement on a Continuing Resolution Bill. As a result, the federal government is now conducting an orderly shutdown.

Last night, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District received updated guidance on how this shutdown impacts District employees. This guidance stated not to furlough employees who are conducting specific "excepted activities" and also to not furlough employees who have sufficient prior year funding.

The Corps of Engineers is unique among federal agencies in that it is funded mostly through individual projects that carry over from year to year. Current Charleston District projects have some remaining funding for work to continue for employees at least through Friday. If the lack of an appropriations bill continues for longer than this, the District will continue to evaluate remaining funds and adjust operations accordingly.

“Based on ‘excepted’ activities and an assessment of available funding, we are largely protected from furloughs this week,” said Lt. Col. John T. Litz, Charleston District commander. “Although we look pretty good for this week, the impact of this shutdown is dynamic. As the shutdown continues and we begin to exhaust available funding, employees will be furloughed.”

District leadership will assess the situation on a daily basis. If the shutdown continues into next week, effects will begin to be seen by the public, predominately in the Regulatory Division, which processes permits, conducts jurisdictional determinations and issues public notices. Regulatory has limited carry over funds so their staffing will be reduced and field office visits will be curtailed until further notice.

Information on how these processes will be handled will be published as it is determined.


Glenn Jeffries

Release no. 13-1001