UPDATE: Government Shutdown Impacts to Charleston District

Published Oct. 7, 2013
CHARLESTON, SC- As of today, the Charleston District has no employees furloughed and we continue to temporarily operate in full, despite the government shutdown.

The Corps of Engineers is unique among federal agencies in that it is funded mostly through individual projects that carry over funds from year to year. Many Charleston District projects have enough funds remaining from past appropriations to continue work through October 11. Staggered shutdowns, based upon the amount of carry-over funds and current mission-critical workload, will then take place.

The Charleston District is also in the process of digesting the recently passed Pay for Our Military Act and how it will affect the District.

“We are continuing to assess the situation on a daily basis,” said Lt. Col. John T. Litz, Charleston District commander. “We are committed to ensuring we keep our employees, their families, and the public informed as we know more.”

Updated information will be published as it is determined.


Glenn Jeffries

Release no. 13-1002