President Releases Fiscal 2016 Budget for Charleston District’s Civil Works Program

Published Feb. 2, 2015
Charleston, SC- Today, the White House released the President’s Budget for fiscal year 2016, which included approximately $28.5 million for the civil works program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District. The budget reflects the Administration’s priorities to support and improve the Nation’s economy, protect the American people, and restore the environment.

The budget allocated $25 million in operation and maintenance funds for maintenance dredging, condition surveys and environmental activities. Funds consist of $17 million for Charleston Harbor maintenance dredging, $6.9 million for routine operations of the Cooper River Rediversion Project, $530,000 for dredging the entrance to Town Creek near McClellanville, $875,000 for project condition surveys, $100,000 in caretaker funds for the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, and $65,000 for inspections of completed works.

Additionally, nearly $2.9 million were allocated for construction efforts of raising the dikes of the “Middle Cell” of the Clouter Creek Dredged Material Disposal Site, which has four cells in total. Raising the dikes will ensure it is available for receiving material pumped from the harbor when other cells are temporarily taken offline for the same process of drying the material out and using it to raise the height of the dikes.

The budget did not include any funds for the Charleston Harbor Post 45 project, but no additional funds were needed to complete feasibility study efforts. The feasibility phase of the project, which includes completion of and release to the public of the Final Report and Environmental Impact Statement in the late summer of 2015 and the final Chief’s Report in late fall of 2015, will be completed with funds already in hand.

“The District will use the 2016 fiscal year funds to efficiently and effectively complete our missions and provide quality service to South Carolina and the nation.” said Lt. Col. John Litz, Charleston District commander. “Continued funding of the construction, maintenance and operation of critical Civil Works infrastructure projects is an investment in the nation’s economy, security and quality of life; now and in the future.”

Glenn Jeffries

Release no. 15-0201