Meet Our: Shirley Lawson

Published July 3, 2018
Shirley Lawson

Shirley Lawson is one of the Charleston District's newest contracting specialists who help ensure the work for our projects is paid for and held to the agreed upon contract.

What is your position?
Contract Specialist

Which of our customers do you typically do contracts for?
Marine Forces Reserve and its 160 nationwide-installations.

What is the most unique thing you bring to the District?
I spent 21 years working for the U.S. Air Force, at six different bases, with experience in purchasing various medical supplies and pharmaceuticals for Laughlin Air Force Base Texas and Offutt AFB Nebraska, construction contracts for Howard AFB Panama, construction and service contracts for Grand Forks AFB North Dakota, and construction, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity, and architecture and engineering contracts for Joint Base Charleston.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Being able to support the U.S. military nationwide and still contribute to the Charleston environmental infrastructure.

Highlight a notable milestone or memory in your career.
My civil service career started with volunteering in the contracting office at Howard AFB in Panama, which led to being hired and accumulating over 20 years of service while being an active duty military spouse and moving six times.

What goals do you have for your career at the District?
To be able to work on various projects between civil works and military construction and learn all aspects of how the Charleston District supports not only Charleston and South Carolina but all of its various customers nationwide.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I love history and geography, and it is great to live in a city with such a rich history like Charleston!