Fort Jackson 10 Year Update

Published May 22, 2019
Fort Jackson Update

In 2008, the Charleston District became a "military district" once again by taking over projects at Fort Jackson. The workload and personnel on the ground were small, but now we've executed $1 billion in work to construct, renovate and maintain more than 50 buildings. The work we do at Fort Jackson serves 50% of the incoming soldiers to the Army each year. Learn more about our work at Fort Jackson in the last 10 years in this update.

It’s hard to believe that the responsibility for handling military projects at Fort Jackson was only returned to the Charleston District 10 years ago. Previously, the Savannah District executed projects at Fort Jackson, due to having a military program history. But, in 2008, the Charleston District became a “military district” once again after a reorganization shuffled responsibility for Fort Jackson back to Charleston. This brought a new division to the District and several new

Since then, the Charleston District has built basic training facilities, barracks, headquarters, physical training tracks, dining facilities and much more for Army Soldiers. With each new upgrade, Soldiers are getting the newest technology and the best opportunity for success.

When the Charleston District first took over the Fort Jackson program in 2008, the military mission was approximately $59 million. In fiscal year 2019, the military program is approximately $123 million. Not only that, but the District has executed more than $1 billion in work at Fort Jackson during that time, increasing the program every year.

This growth showcases how far the program has come. In 10 years, the District military program has gone from a few small renovations and construction projects to building major battalion training complexes and schools. The District is now even building a school for military families, complementing all of the training schools that have been built for Soldiers. Each project
showcases experience and trust gained from the project before. As old facilities are phased out, the continued expertise of the District’s people is critical to building quality projects for the future.

The District’s overall military programs workforce has grown to 37 people. There are currently 29 people in the Fort Jackson Resident Office and eight people dedicated to military programs in the District headquarters. These dedicated professionals serve as design engineers, contracting officers, contracting specialists, construction engineers, quality assurance representatives, project managers and more. Over the last five years, the District has averaged a 4.61 out of five score on the annual Military Customer Satisfaction Survey. These scores come straight from the customers, like Fort Jackson, that we serve and are a testament to the work that is put into building strong for our nation’s Soldiers. As with experience, constructive
feedback aids in making the District better.

The District sees a continued increase at Fort Jackson with three construction projects planned for FY 20 and projections for many years out. The District is proud to serve as a military district and work with Fort Jackson, where “Victory Starts Here!”