NHCC Water Intrusion Repairs

Published Nov. 27, 2019

The Charleston District has always prided itself on being “one door to the Corps,” meaning that if any military or federal agency needs assistance, the District is here to serve and help. The tasks could be as large as constructing barracks or as small as replacing HVAC systems. This diversity recently led the Naval Health Clinic Charleston to call on the Corps for assistance.

“Since 2012, the Charleston District has executed $21 million on eight projects for the NHCC,” said Dan Klingshirn, project manager.

Some of the projects the District has completed include installation of an awning at the entrance, HVAC controls upgrade, a metal pavilion and replacing parking lot gates.

The most recent project is a water intrusion repair project. The NHCC, located in Goose Creek, SC, started leaking water through the walls and they were unable to find the source of the leak. After investigating, they reached out to the District to investigate the problem.

“We discovered that when it rains, a significant amount of water leaks through the stucco, vapor barrier and windows for a variety of different reasons,” said Klingshirn. “After doing research, we decided the best route was to replace all the windows and to remove and replace the stucco on the building.”

In all, there will be approximately 400 windows replaced and approximately 150,000 square feet of the exterior of the building will be replaced. This $16 million project began at the beginning of September and is expected to be completed by March 2021.

“This project is a big undertaking and we’re doing it in phases so that the hospital can stay open and operational through the duration of the project,” said Klingshirn. “Structurally, the building is in great shape and we’re confident this will fix the leaking issue so that NHCC can continue to serve their patients and customers.”

The Charleston District’s versatility has expanded over the last 10 years in delivering for both military and civil works customers. Seeing many different issues from many different customers has given project managers a wide range of expertise to utilize on projects like these. The District is looking forward to coming up with more unique solutions to problems throughout the state.