Meet Our: Courtney Stevens

Published Dec. 22, 2020
Courtney Stevens was recently selected as the new chief of the regulatory south branch.

Courtney Stevens was recently selected as the new chief of the regulatory south branch.

Courtney Stevens
Chief, Regulatory South Branch

Explain your job in three sentences.

I lead a team of dedicated project managers who primarily cover the lower southeast portion of the state of South Carolina. My team is responsible for evaluating and processing permit applications and jurisdictional determination requests ranging from projects such as docks and marinas, large scale developments, dredging operations, and beach nourishment activities. My job as the branch chief is to help my project managers make permit decisions that allow for the protection of the nation’s aquatic resources while allowing for reasonable development.

What is the most unique thing you bring to the District?

I have experience working in Corps regulatory districts across the country- Charleston, Savannah, and Los Angeles. The knowledge and experience I gained from each of those districts is invaluable and will continue to be a benefit.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I find it very rewarding to help an applicant through the regulatory process as seamlessly as possible. As a new chief, I will be able to continue to provide quality customer service as I am now accountable to the public AND to my team! Training and mentoring, providing support and guidance, and helping to deliver the program as quickly and transparently as possible, are all parts of my new role!

Highlight a notable milestone or memory in your career.

Six years ago, I was able to return to Charleston District where I started my career in the Conway Field Office. I never saw myself becoming a supervisor then. However, being able to do so in a District that means so much to me and my family has truly been the highlight of my career so far!

What goals do you have for your career at the Charleston District?

As a new chief, I strive to be the “rock” for my Branch. I truly believe that our people in the Charleston District are so very special and I want to continue to support them in whatever they need. If our people are happy and successful, then we as a District are successful at delivering our program to the people.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Most people know pretty much everything about me because I’m an open book! Just talk to me for a few minutes and you’ll find out!