Civil Works Customer Survey

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Published June 3, 2013
Civil Works Customer Survey 2012

Civil Works Customer Survey 2012

We recently received the results from our annual civil works customer satisfaction survey and gained tremendous feedback. We take our relationships with our customers very seriously in order to provide them the product or service they are expecting from us. The survey gauges our customers’ attitudes toward our staff, timeliness, cost, service, communication, problem solving and more. Questions are scored one to five and provide the opportunity to submit feedback. Here is a sampling of some of the very constructive feedback we received from our partners, which will help us to improve for years to come.

"As an organization that represents businesses directly impacted by the Corps’ work, I greatly appreciate the communication from the Corps." – Pamela Zaresk, Maritime Association of South Carolina

"The cooperation and attitude shown to me by the Post 45 project members has been exemplary. [They] should be commended for going beyond in an effort to do it right the first time." – Gary Collins, Environmental Protection Agency

"It has been my pleasure to work with the Charleston Corps of Engineers for the past eight years. They are an outstanding organization that delivers quality projects on time and on budget." – Eric Strom, U.S. Geological Survey

"The Charleston Corps District is a highly skilled group of professionals that pay attention to their customers’ needs. My questions never go unanswered." – Barbara Melvin, South Carolina State Ports Authority

"While we… don’t always agree on the specifics, I can always say that the Corps staff have been respectful, listened and taken our comments into consideration." – Jay Herrington, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"[Lt. Col.] Chamberlayne has done an outstanding job of seeking community partnership input on the harbor deepening project." – Geoff Scott, NOAA

"I can’t tell you I agree with all the procedures and process [the Corps] has to follow, but I understand it’s nothing personal." – Johnnie Wright, Lake Marion Regional Water Agency