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Posted 8/19/2013

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By Sean McBride
Public Affairs

Many U.S. Army Corps of Engineers districts maintain recreation areas for the public to enjoy, but because of watershed boundaries, no recreation areas fall under the jurisdiction of the Charleston District. However, Joint Base Charleston maintains the Short Stay Recreational Area in Moncks Corner, SC, as part of its Morale, Welfare and Recreation program, which can be used by any federal or military service member.

Short Stay offers a beautiful recreation area for people to rent space for a few days of rest and relaxation. The site, which offers camping, an RV park, fishing, a beach, a marina and more, is located on the banks of Lake Moultrie. This area offers wonderful views of the water, but also constantly feels the effects of Mother Nature.

Short Stay’s location means it is victim to strong northeastern winds coming across Lake Moultrie, which causes large waves to crash into the embankments of the park. After a constant barrage of waves crashing over the wooden lakewall supporting the bank and gouging out the earth behind it, JBC contacted the Charleston District to replace the lakewall with something that would better stand the test of time and Mother Nature.

For this project, the District exercised the Job Order Contract, a blanket contract awarded in 2012 to Northcon, Inc., allowing for task orders less than $1 million to be issued without going out for new bids. The project was designed by the District’s engineers and executed by Northcon.

Steel sheet pile walls were driven more than 16 feet into the ground and about one foot further into the lake from the old wall. A concrete top was attached to the steel and thousands of pounds of boulders were placed in front of the wall to protect it.

“This will offer much more protection from the winds,” said Bubber Hutto, engineer of record. “The wall will eliminate erosion problems even under extreme conditions.”

This project was the first one completed under the JOC and showed the benefits of the contract as the whole project was awarded and completed in less than a year. The lakewall will protect Short Stay and ensure that campers have wonderful experiences that they will remember for a lifetime.

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