From the Commander

Published Oct. 31, 2013
Official photo of Lt. Col. John T. Litz

Official photo of Lt. Col. John T. Litz

Greetings! Time flies, it’s hard to believe I have been in command for three months and we are now in Fiscal Year 2014. The District had another amazing year and I am so proud of the entire team’s accomplishments in 2013. Please make sure you see our “FY13: By the Numbers” chart on page 10 which highlights some of this past year’s successes.

I am continually impressed with how customer-focused this District is, even in very trying times. In all of my initial customer meetings, I have received positive feedback about the work our District accomplishes. Our team’s poise and professionalism during the furloughs this summer and through the government shutdown is to be commended. I admire how they have remained dedicated to the mission and to our customers during this difficult time.

The District’s Post 45 feasibility study continues to move forward on schedule and within budget. We have finished all of the physical sampling and data collection required to produce the draft report and Environmental Impact Study by next summer. The recent visit by the Vice President reinforced the importance of this deepening project to the nation. Without the help of the project sponsor, the South Carolina State Ports Authority, and all of our interagency partners, this study’s progress to date would not be possible.

I have had a chance to visit all of the District’s field offices and meet most employees. The regulatory branch has done a great job of getting me into the field and showing me first-hand how they strive to balance development and the impacts to our environment. I attended the community meeting for Haile Gold Mine’s permit application and was impressed with the level of expertise displayed by the team to properly address the scope of issues involved in this particular permit application. They are an outstanding group of professionals.

After touring current and future construction sites at Fort Jackson, I am in awe of the team’s focus to deliver high quality construction and services in a timely manner to improve the facilities for our Army’s newest Soldiers. This team is making an impact on the training and readiness of these Soldiers every day.

The list of great first impressions I have gained from spending time with all of our other divisions goes on and on and touches every office of the District.

Please remember our forward-deployed teammates, the Palmetto Patriots, that continue to support our nation while they are separated from their family and friends. We look forward to hearing about their experiences and wish them a safe return.

Thank you to all of our customers for the opportunity to serve you this past year. We recently launched our military customer survey and I value your feedback, including ways we can improve our service to you. We will continue discussing new work opportunities with our interagency partners and customers and that is a direct result of the District’s desire to provide the highest quality service and the best value possible. Despite continued budgetary uncertainty, the Charleston District workload looks stable for the next three years and our workforce is the right size to execute the work.