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Posted 8/5/2015

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By Sean McBride
Charleston District

On July 10th, Lt. Col. Matthew W. Luzzatto assumed command of the Charleston District from Lt. Col. John T. Litz, becoming the District’s 86th Commander and District Engineer.

Luzzatto joins the Charleston District from his last assignment in Tokyo as the Chief of Host Nation Construction for U.S. Forces Japan. He has previously served in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District as a project engineer and chief of real estate, which he believes will serve him well in his new role.

“My time with the Honolulu District gave me an understanding of how USACE operates, which will significantly shorten my learning curve as I begin my command,” said Luzzatto.

Luzzatto calls his selection to command the Charleston District his greatest professional accomplishment to date and hope his knowledge and expertise will complement the already outstanding Charleston team.

“I would like [people] to know that I take my stewardship of the public’s funds, environment, safety and trust very seriously,” said Luzzatto. “I am looking forward to working with the District’s partners to ensure the continued responsible management of these resources.”

His time in Tokyo honed his skills in construction management, but Luzzatto also has a love for the environment. He believes he’ll be able to merge these skills in Charleston and strive to achieve a balance between community needs and environmental stewardship.

“I am excited to begin my role as the Charleston District Commander, but I am very aware of the short time I am allowed this privilege,” said Luzzatto. “As a result, I hope that the members of the District and the partners with whom we work will not hesitate to approach me with ideas and/or opportunities that support the District’s mission and enhance our capabilities.”

Luzzatto follows in the footsteps of many great Charleston District commanders and will have to make many difficult decisions during his tenure, but in two years, he hopes District employees can say they are proud of their accomplishments and that our partners see us as a family of trusted professionals who can be depended on to get the job done. As the flags were handed off from Litz to Luzzatto, the journey to accomplish this officially began.

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