Author: Francisco G. Hamm, Corporate Communications Office
  • October

    USACE Alum Takes Command in Charleston: Lt. Col. Robert Nahabedian

    Lt. Col. Robert Nahabedian reflects on his career as he assumes command as the 90th commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District.
  • William Jennings Bryan Dorn Va Hospital Rehabilitation Center Takes Shape

    The Charleston District has partnered with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to build the state-of-the-art $13.8M rehabilitation center at the William Jennings Bryan Dorn Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Columbia, South Carolina.
  • July

    Industrial Hygienist Combines Math and Science to Protect Employees

    Stephanie Gillian leverages industrial hygiene skills to prioritize the health and safety of the Charleston District team.
  • Charleston District Teams Up with Other Agencies for Nonstructural Flood Risk Management Project

    The Charleston District has partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency and several other state and local agencies for a non-structural flood management project known as the Floodplain Management Services and Silver Jackets Sustainable Coastline Guidebook for St. Helena. The project began October 1, 2022, and initiated when the EPA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Silver Jackets joined forces in developing educational and outreach materials on mitigating the effects of erosion forces to this unique community.
  • April

    Angie Cowger makes an impressive stand for delicious Chili

    The theme for Women’s History Month in March was “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” And if it’s a great story you want, Angie Cowger, a female business owner, has one to tell. She shared her story with employees of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District employees last month during a special presentation and tasting of her famous Custard Stand chili.
  • March

    Amanda Heath takes “playing with dirt” to new heights

    Sand sifts through her fingers as a small clump of dirt attracts her attention. Standing in the marsh with a tall, hefty pair of boots and a ball cap to shade the sun, she studies it, looks in her sample book and decides, this is a hydric soil. Meet Amanda Heath, a regulator with the Charleston District, who has taken “playing in the dirt” to new heights.
  • Army Training Center, Fort Jackson commanding general leads cadence for protecting the nation

    It’s early morning. As the sun slowly rises over the horizon, a cacophony of sounds ring in the distance. As the echoes meander closer, distant figures make their way over a hill. Now more pronounced, melody blends into a crescendo. It’s a platoon of Army Soldiers running, lined up like precision, bellowing out in unison, a military cadence. The cadence is so strong, you can feel it building camaraderie and boosting morale, transforming these Soldiers into a cohesive unit. Just another morning in the life of Fort Jackson.
  • Tonya Willis: Charleston District’s Small Business Programs ‘Door to the Corps’

    For small businesses looking to work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District, the easiest way is to listen to the excitement and passion coming from the voice of Tonya Willis, the office of small business programs chief.
  • New South Atlantic division commander excited to be back in USACE

    A district commander doesn’t often become the division commander in the same region. In the summer of 2022, Brig. Gen. Daniel H. Hibner, made this scenario a reality by becoming the new South Atlantic Division commander.