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  • March

    Army Training Center, Fort Jackson commanding general leads cadence for protecting the nation

    It’s early morning. As the sun slowly rises over the horizon, a cacophony of sounds ring in the distance. As the echoes meander closer, distant figures make their way over a hill. Now more pronounced, melody blends into a crescendo. It’s a platoon of Army Soldiers running, lined up like precision, bellowing out in unison, a military cadence. The cadence is so strong, you can feel it building camaraderie and boosting morale, transforming these Soldiers into a cohesive unit. Just another morning in the life of Fort Jackson.
  • Standing on shoulders of those who endured: How a generation’s military legacy enhances readiness

    Weathered hands, crisp cuffs, a suit with a matching pocket square, and a deep blue ribbon with a medal, heavier than any metal, joined at the chest, he was seated, head tilted, eyes drawn up beneath his brow. His gaze stern. His message urgent — for America’s youth.