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  • September

    Rooted in generations of family, Lynette Youson carries on a treasured tradition

    We all have family traditions we want to pass on to the next generation because it keeps our family’s past alive. These traditions become storytellers and allow us to share our culture and beliefs. They help our children gain knowledge of their heritage; letting them live it, preserve it and enrich it. When you think back to your childhood, what memories do you cherish? For Lynette Youson, that is easy. Youson remembers being five years old and sitting for hours with her great-grandmother, learning the art of basket weaving.
  • March

    Completing the Circle

    Four months after using their bare hands to pull grass out of the ground, 30 students from Miracle
  • November

    Harvesting for the Future

    As the sun starts to rise over the treetops at the St. Stephen Powerhouse and groups of harvesters
  • September

    Sweetgrass Planting

    The Charleston District recently planted 100 sweetgrass plants at the St. Stephen Powerhouse. The