Military Mission

The Charleston District’s MILCON program is responsible for design and construction for the Army and Operation and Maintenance, including Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization, for the Army, Air Force, and other DOD agencies.

Project managers work with project delivery teams in order to serve our military customers by providing the best facilities possible to support our Armed Forces. We will continue this tradition within the Corps as one team proudly serving the Armed Forces and the nation’s engineering challenges.

Fort Jackson, in Columbia, SC, is the primary location for the District’s military mission and where 25 District employees are located to better serve our Soldiers by providing the best facilities possible. The District has built or renovated multiple barracks, dining facilities, battalion headquarters, ranges and a chaplaincy center in support of the 44,000 Soldiers at Fort Jackson.

The District has completed several unique and important projects in the past few years. The Quad Dining Facility consisted of adapting two two-story Dual Dining Facilities that are able to feed 5,200 trainee Soldiers per meal within 90 minutes, three times per day, seven days a week, and 52 weeks per year.  The District constructed Pierce Terrace Elementary School for students living at Fort Jackson and is the educational home for up to 325 pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first-and second- grade students.

Quad DFAC and Starship Renovation

The District completed a Design-Build for the Basic Training Center (BTC) Quad Dining Facility (DFAC) and performed renovations of Starship 5500, 5489, and 5492. The contract included the building, food service equipment, furnishings, renovations, and site work. The Quad DFAC consists of an adaptation of two two-story Dual Dining Facilities that are able to feed 5,200 trainee soldiers per meal within 90 minutes, three times per day, seven days a week, and 52 weeks per year. The facility staffs 328 people, providing jobs.

Starship 4420 Repair

The District provided design and construction services to renovate and expand the existing Battalion Headquarters Administration area, renovation of Organizational Classrooms and convert the existing Dining Facilities to Training Classrooms in the first floor spaces of building 4420. The Starship renovation work was comprised of Company Operations Facilities (COF), Covered Training Areas, Laundry rooms, Sleeping Bays, Cadre Support Spaces and other miscellaneous spaces within the facility. The project will provided design and construction services for improvements at the 1-13th, CPL Levi Jackson running track. 

Starship 5500 Repair

The project provided design and construction services for the renovation of building 5500 (phase II), a Starship Initial Entry Training Facility. The work for the project was comprised of renovating the Company Operations Facilities (COF), Covered Training Areas, Laundry rooms, Sleeping Bays, Classrooms, Cadre Support Spaces and other miscellaneous spaces and Option Items within the facility.

Basic Training Complex, Phase 1

This Design-Build project consisted of design and construction of three standard Barracks/Company Operations Facilities (B/COFs), a Battalion Headquarters building, one Lawn Equipment building (LEB), and all the necessary BTC III complex site improvements. The B/COFs house single trainee soldiers and company administrative, training, and command operations. The Basic Training Complex 3 Battalion Headquarters houses administrative, command operations, special functions, storage, and classroom components for Training Battalion.

Advanced Individual Training Complex

The District completed construction of one 93,000 SQFT Barracks, one 12,300 SQFT Battalion Headquarters building, one 33,000 SQFT Dining Facility, one running track, and three 93,000 square foot Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Barracks. Each 300 person barracks includes living/sleeping rooms, semi-private baths, lavatories, closets, and utility space. The barracks facility is a residential community for the soldier’s living and relaxation combined with a Company Operations Function to facilitate proximately to training.

Training Aids Support Center

The District designed and constructed a Training Aids Support Center (TSC) to fabricate, maintain, store and issue training devices. The facility contains warehouse space, classrooms and administrative space for management staff. 

81st Regional Support Command Program

The District supports the 81st RSC by providing sustainment, restoration and modernization work and base operations support services to keep approximately 300 Army Reserves installations with 700 facilities that are located in nine southeastern states and Puerto Rico working properly. The work being done at each of these installations is vastly different and includes preventive maintenance and minor repairs such as such as HVAC systems repair, changing out electrical panels, investigating and sealing roof and window leaks, and repairing sewer lines.


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