Charleston District Contracting


All offerors are required to be registered in several systems to propose on future opportunities.  It is recommended that offerors interested in potential future opportunities complete registrations in these systems now in order to be prepared to respond timely as contracting opportunities arise:

1.       In accordance with FAR 4.1102 (a) All offerors are required to have an active account at the time of bid/quote/proposal submission. You can find a list of resources to assist with registration at the following link: GSAFSD Tier 0 Knowledge Base - Getting Started with Entity Registration


2.       USACE Charleston District utilizes the Solicitation Portal through the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) system (Formally WAWF) for electronic proposal submission. Instructions for submitting proposals will be specifically outlined in the respective solicitation.  However, in order to post an offer to solicitations on the PIEE Solicitation Portal, vendors will first need to register for the PIEE ‘Proposal Manager’ role. Therefore, it is recommended that contractors interested in future opportunities register for the PIEE “Proposal Manager” role at this time.



Web Based Training for registration and proposal submission is available as a separate portal on the main page of the site or by visiting


Although you can search, review, and open non-restricted solicitations without logging in, you must establish a personal account in the system and register for the Proposal Manager role before you are able to submit a proposal. This account is activated by your Contractor Administrator (CAM).


Instructions for registering are as follows:

a. Navigate to

b. Select Register [top right]

c. Select Vendor

d. Create a User ID and Password and follow the prompts [next]

e. Create Security Questions [next]

f. Complete your User Profile Information [next]

g. Complete your Supervisor or Approving Official Information. This official will act as the CAM who will ultimately approve your account. If you are unsure of who this is please go to  to locate the CAM for your company for assistance. [next]

h. Complete Roles - Step 1. Select SOL-Solicitation, Step 2. Select Proposal Manager, Step 3. Click Add Roles, Step 4. Fill in your Location Code (CAGE Code) [next]

i. Provide a justification for your registration [next]



Once the Proposal Manager account has been approved, verify that your account is showing active under the profile page. Also, once you click on the specified solicitation, verify that the “Offer” tab is visible next to the “Solicitation” tab at the top of the page. The proposal will be submitted through the “Offer” tab. It is imperative that this is verified early in the process in order to mitigate any potential problems with the submission of your proposal.



In order to submit through the Solicitation Module in PIEE, you must have an active Proposal Manager role in PIEE at .


To upload the proposal in Solicitation module in PIEE:

a. Ensure you have an active role as with the Proposal Manager in PIEE.

b. Log into PIEE at  to access the Solicitation Module.

c. Select Solicitation icon.

d. At the Home screen of the Solicitation Module, select the Search link to find the solicitation you intend to post an offer against.

e. In the Solicitation Search Criteria filter by entering the complete solicitation number and for Status, select Open, then click Search.

f. When search results display, select the solicitation number link to open the solicitation.

g. The solicitation displays, with information as view only.

h. To post the offer, click the Offer tab.

i. Click the Add button to add an offer to the solicitation.

j. Select the applicable CAGE Code for which you are submitting the offer. The list is prefiltered based on the CAGEs in the Proposal Manager’s profile.

k. Click on the Choose Files link to upload attachments that comprise your offer.

l. Enter Signature Date and click Signature button after entering all necessary information.

m. Sign Document pop-up will be displayed requiring the user to enter a Digital Pin and OTP. Click the Sign and Submit button to continue.

n. After successfully adding the Offer a success message of the submission will be displayed providing confirmation of on-time/late proposal receipt.


You can find information about upcoming opportunities from:


2.     Advance Notices to Bidders and Invitations for Bids at businesses such as the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), minority contract associations, and construction industry associations.

3.     Small Business Conferences

4.     Announcements of Business Opportunity Conferences, Trade Fairs and other federally attended or sponsored liaison meetings in your area.

5.    Corps of Engineers division, district and laboratory websites