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Published Dec. 20, 2017
Expiration date: 1/3/2018
The proposed work consists of performing maintenance dredging by hydraulic cutterhead dredge of an area approximately 4.4 acres in size at two locations as shown on the attached plans.  In detail the applicant proposes to dredge approximately 41,760 cubic yards of silty clay and sand material from site #1 and 166 cubic yards from site #2  to a maximum dredge depth of -7.0 feet mlw (current depths range from -0.5 feet to -2.0 feet mlw).  The applicant anticipates that two subsequent dredging events will be needed over the 10- year maintenance dredging permit period, not to exceed 41,926 cubic yards per subsequent dredging event and a total of approximately 125,778 cubic yards over the ten year period.  The applicant proposes to transport the dredged material via pipeline to the Upland Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) on the south end of Daniel Island (Daniel Island CDF).  The applicant also proposes a minimum ten foot setback from the marsh and any potential shellfish resources at the dredging sites during dredging. The applicant also proposes best management practices (BMPs) during dredging as described in the attached Dredging and Disposal Plan.  The applicant has requested a ten-year maintenance dredging permit.  The project purpose is to allow boats access to and to use waters of Molasses Creek and the adjacent Wando River at all stages of the tide.