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Published Dec. 21, 2017
Expiration date: 1/4/2018
The proposed work consists of performing maintenance dredging in an existing barge slip.  In detail, the proposed work consists of maintenance dredging of an area 0.75 acres in size by a mechanical excavator located on the uplands or on a barge within the slip.  The applicant proposes to remove approximately 8,000 cubic yards of material to a depth of -12 feet mean low water (the depth previously authorized by permit #SAC-2006-2389 for maintenance dredging which has expired). The dredged material will be placed directly into trucks and transported to the existing confined upland disposal facility located onsite and constructed for previous dredging events.  The sediments will be allowed to dry in place, with no water discharging from the basin.  The area to be dredged is limited to the barge slip as existing water depths in the adjacent channel are deeper and adequate for the intended use.  The applicant proposes to install a sediment curtain at the entrance to the barge slip as a precaution to reduce potential impacts from suspended sediments during the dredging process. The applicant has indicated that the dredging is necessary for the new production facility at the site to bring in material by barge. The applicant has requested a ten year maintenance dredging permit.  The project purpose is to maintain safe, navigable depths at all tidal stages within an existing barge slip.