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Published March 13, 2018
Expiration date: 3/27/2018
The proposed work consists of providing after-the-fact (ATF) authorization for a wood deck that was re-constructed following damage to the original deck structure during Hurricane Matthew, relocate an existing floating dock, and construct a new floating dock and associated pierhead structures for a commercial seafood restaurant.  In detail, the applicant is seeking a permit to provide ATF authorization for a 30’x60’ wood deck that was rebuilt following damage to the original structure during Hurricane Matthew. In addition, the applicant seeks to construct a 4’x24’ floating ramp and 6’x6’ fixed pierhead. Lastly, the applicant seeks to relocate and elongate an existing floating dock. The existing floating dock, is 11’x84’ and will be elongated by adding additional floating dock sections that are 10’x72’, and 11’x44’. Upon completion, the floating dock will total 200’ in length and will not exceed 11’ in width. The applicant has not proposed to mitigate for impacts to wetlands and/or waters of the United States because the only impacts to waters of the United States are indirect impacts from shading from the associated structures. The project purpose is to construct associated docks, pierhead, and other similar structures for use by a commercial restaurant facility.