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Published April 13, 2018
Expiration date: 4/27/2018
The proposed work consists of the construction a dam to create a Green Tree Reservoir (GTR) which will seasonally impound water on an abutting 1.09 acre wetland of the Little River. In detail, a dam of approximately 6’-9” height, 50’ in length, and 2’ minimum in width, , will be built with salt treated utility poles, treated 2”X10” boards, with a layer of plastic sandwiched between the 2”X10” boards, a water facing layer of plywood, and a flashboard riser structure will be built in the center of the dam with a 3’X6’ by 4” thick concrete pad for out-fall armoring protection.  The flashboards will be removed from riser structure from March 1st until November 1st each year and the temporary impoundment pool allowed to drain and remain in a drained state as per the approved GTR guidelines.  The GTR will be filled with a portable pump.  The portable pump will be located in uplands on the riverbank near the proposed dam, and will pump water from the Little River into the GTR.  The pump will be removed from the site after the GTR is filled.  The GTR will be drained into a natural depression south of the dam via a 4” PVC drain at the bottom of the dam.  The water will then be drained from the natural depression through a 4” Schedule 40 HDPE pipe that will be installed using a Horizontal Directional Drill going through a natural earthen berm into the Little River.  The applicant has not proposed any compensatory mitigation for this project.  The project purpose as described by the applicant is to provide habitat for wintering waterfowl and other wildlife species.