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Published May 22, 2018
Expiration date: 6/5/2018

The proposed work consists of impacting 3.835 acres of tidal/critical area wetlands.  In detail, the proposed project would include the development of approximately 31.43 acres, which would include the placement of fill material in 2.866 acres of tidal wetlands and impacts to 0.969 acre of tidal wetlands for the construction of a tidal pond.  The proposed impacts would allow for the construction of research facilities, housing, commercial areas, and structured parking.  The applicant also stated that the proposed project would result in improvements of existing stormwater and drainage infrastructure through the implementation of stormwater engineering controls. 

The applicant proposes to mitigate for impacts to wetlands and/or waters of the United States by implementing Permitee-Responsible Mitigation (PRM) at an off-site location identified as the Kings Grant Site, within the same 8-digit HUC watershed as the proposed wetland impacts.  The proposed PRM plan includes the restoration/enhancement of approximately 20 acres of previously impacted wetlands.  The applicant stated that in the event that PRM is not approved by the Corps, the applicant will purchase 46.0 saltwater mitigation credits from the Clydesdale Mitigation Bank. It should be noted that no mitigation credit is being proposed for the creation of the tidal pond onsite.

As stated by the applicant, the project purpose is to provide housing, commercial areas, medical offices, and research facilities to serve and enhance existing functions of the Medical University of South Carolina, in the City of Charleston, to advance economic development and improve the quality of life in the City’s neighborhoods.