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Published Nov. 2, 2018
Expiration date: 11/16/2018

The proposed work consists of the construction of additional dock structures and includes excavation of the existing basin.  In detail, the proposed project would include the construction of a 12’ x 55’ concrete boat launching pier and the installation of a 4’ x 25’ fixed timber walkway leading to a 3’ x 35’ gangway which would terminate on a floating dock structures consisting of a 6’ x 156’ spine dock and seven (7) 5’ x 25’ finger docks.  The proposed structures would be for the launching, retrieving, and temporary queuing of boats from the previously authorized dry dock storage facility.  Additionally, the existing 4’ x 25’ gangway and 6’ x 100’ floating dock would be relocated to the terminus of the existing 7’ x 58’ fixed pier walkway connected by a new 10’ x 16’ gangway landing dock would also be constructed.  The existing gangway landing dock would be removed.  

Furthermore, the proposed work involves the mechanical dredging of approximately 2,736 cubic yards of material (0.45 acre) from the project site.  According to the applicant, the material to be dredged is a firm to stiff elastic calcareous clay-silt with fine sand (Cooper Marl).  The proposed dredge area would be enclosed with floating silt curtains.  Excavation would be accomplished with the use of a barge mounted excavator.  The excavated material would be placed in a sealed dump truck and taken to an upland basin on-site where it would be unloaded and allowed to dewater.  The upland disposal site would be located in an a portion of an existing gravel parking lot, would be encompassed with silt fences and hay bales to contain the material so that the water can infiltrate into the ground, thus avoiding runback.  Once dried, the material would be removed from the basin and hauled to the Donmar Sand Mine Blessing Pit, located approximately 6 miles from the site.  The applicant has not proposed to mitigate for impacts to wetlands and/or waters of the United States. As stated by the applicant, the project purpose is for the launching, retrieving, and queuing of recreation boats.