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Published Jan. 2, 2019
Expiration date: 1/16/2019

The proposed work consists of deepening the existing berth at the Chem-Marine Corporation facility.  In detail, the applicant proposes to modify their existing permit to allow for dredging to a depth of -45’ MLW plus an allowable 2’ overdepth for a total of -47’ MLW. The applicant has an existing permit to dredge an approximately 3.19 acre berth (150’ wide by 800’ long) to a depth of -40’ MLW with an allowable 2’ overdepth for a total of -42’ MLW. The material will be dredged by a hydraulic dredge and disposed of at the Clouter Island Dredge Material Disposal Facility via a pipeline. The anticipated dredge volume will be approximately 15,000 cubic yards annually. The purpose of the proposed modification to their existing permit is to allow the new owner of Chem-Marine to utilize deeper draft vessels than the previous owner, commensurate with the adjacent federal channel and other nearby, private berths.