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Published Jan. 4, 2019
Expiration date: 1/18/2019

The proposed work consists of maintenance dredging around an existing community boat ramp.  In detail, the project consists of removing approximately 400 cubic yards of material over approximately 0.05 acres of open tidal waters.

The proposed maintenance dredging includes approximately 0.05-acres adjacent to the existing boat ramp.  The proposed dredge depth is -3.0 feet Mean Low Water (MLW).  The dredge area will extend from the boat ramp into the canal, and connect to the proposed dredging advertised under SAC 2019-00023, Public Notice dated January 4, 2019.

The material will be dredged either by a small hydraulic cutterhead suction dredge or small mechanical excavator. The proposed dredge material will be transferred via pipeline or scow/roll-off container to an upland site for dewatering and processing. Figure 3 (sheet 3 of 4) of the proposed plans depict the location of the upland dewatering site(s). The dredged material will either be placed in geotubes to separate water and sediments or staged for a short period of time in the scow/roll off container to allow water separation and sufficient drying prior to being transported to a final upland disposal site. The effluent water (return water) from the dewatering system will be discharged via pipeline back to Flaggpoint Canal.  

The temporary pipelines will be laid along the existing canal and will not impact vegetated wetlands.  If necessary, the pipeline will have weights and/or anchors to ensure the pipelines stays secure and does not impact the nearby marsh grass or oyster reefs. The pipeline will also have signs and buoys to mark its location and warn the boating public of its presence.  The pipelines will be removed after the completion of the dredging.

The applicant offered no compensatory mitigation for impacts associated with the project. The project purpose as stated by the applicant is to provide year round access to Flaggpoint Canal during all tidal cycles.