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Published Feb. 13, 2019
Expiration date: 2/27/2019

The proposed work consists of constructing an American Disabilities Act (ADA) approved timber fishing pier, rip-rap fish attractors, ADA concrete walkway, a CXT restroom, picnic tables (one ADA approve table), and a gravel parking area. In detail the proposed ADA timber fishing pier will be have 20 timber pilings installed, the pier will be 10’ x 60’, with a 5’ x 85’ walkway, and with USFWS recommended fish enhancement features consisting of approximately 5 cubic yards (cy) of rip-rap around the timber pilings to create fish attractors.  The proposed picnic area and parking area will be constructed by placing approximately 140 cy of rock and soil fill below the 225.5’ (100’ “lake level contour”) full pool elevation.  All other attending features (CXT restroom, and ADA concrete walkway) will be placed upland areas.  In total the proposed impacts below the 225.5’ will consist of approximately 145 cy of fill material within 0.052 acres (~2,264 square feet) below the 225.5’.  The applicant has not proposed any compensatory mitigation for this project.  The project purpose is to provide ADA approved access to the Wateree Creek Access Area for enhanced recreational activities and wildlife habitat as part of the FERC Approved Recreation Management Plan agreed to by Duke Energy.