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Published Feb. 15, 2019
Expiration date: 3/1/2019

The proposed work consists of placing fill material in 2.04 acres of freshwater wetlands.  In detail, the applicant proposes to place 9,885 cubic yards of fill material in 2.04 acres of freshwater wetlands presumed to be jurisdictional under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act in order to construct an additional manufacturing building/facility, as well as associated parking to service the proposed expansion. The applicant has proposed to mitigate for impacts to wetlands and/or waters of the United States by offering a combination of wetland mitigation credit purchase, as well as utilizing the preservation of wetlands and upland buffer that were preserved under a previous Corps permit. The applicant references previously protected wetlands, as well as associated upland buffer, related to the previous permit action (SAC-26-95-1667-X) issued by the Corps at the reference site. The 51.45 acres of previously preserved wetlands and 24.39 acres of previously preserved upland buffer are currently located on offsite properties no longer owned by Gildan or its subsidiaries. However, at the time the previous permit was issued, these preserved wetlands and associated upland buffers were located on property that Gildan and/or its subsidiaries owned and/or controlled. The prior Corps permit authorized 4.08 acres of wetland fill for the original construction of the Gildan facility under the 1992 Nationwide Permits. However, only 2.25 acres of wetlands of that acreage had been filled as of the date of this public notice, due to the expiration of the previous permit. As such, the additional proposed wetland impacts (2.04 acres) would exceed the limits of the previously authorized wetland impacts (4.08 acres) in the aforementioned previous Corps permit by 0.21 acres. As such, the applicant has proposed to purchase 2.5 wetland mitigation credits from a Corps approved mitigation bank in order to offset the additional 0.21 acre loss of wetlands that have not been mitigated for by any protection instruments associated with the prior Corps permitting action. The project purpose as stated by the applicant is to discharge fill material into freshwater wetlands to facilitate the expansion of the existing manufacturing facility, which will provide Gildan the opportunity to meet the global demand for its products by increasing productivity at a strategically located facility integral to its distribution and operational network.