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Published March 22, 2019
Expiration date: 4/5/2019

The proposed work consists of utilizing hydro-excavation to construct a drainage ditch.  In detail, the applicant is proposing to hydro-excavate approximately 116 cubic yards of material from 542 linear feet (0.10 acre) of tidal marsh leading from a 30” reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) to a tributary of Wappoo Creek. The proposed ditch will have a bottom width of 12” with 1:1 H:V (horizontal distance to vertical rise) side slopes. The excavated material will be collected in trucks located outside of the marsh area and disposed of in the City of Charleston’s Milford Street drying beds. The applicant has proposed no mitigation be required for the project. The project purpose is to establish positive flow from the 30” RCP to Wappoo Creek in order to reduce localized flooding concerns.