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Published Aug. 2, 2019
Expiration date: 8/16/2019

The proposed work consists of dredging accumulated sediment from Wateree Lake for safe navigation and access to a private dock.  In detail the proposed work consists of dredging 230 cubic yards of accumulated sediment from approximately 0.057 acres of lake bottom near and beneath an existing dock and boat ramp.  The dredged area would be approximately 50’ by 50’ near the dock with a small channel leading to the main channel within the cove.  A long reach excavator would be used.  Dredged material would be off-loaded onto the applicant’s property, where it would be dewatered behind silt fencing.  The applicant has not proposed any compensatory mitigation for this project.  The project purpose as stated by the applicant is to regain access and use of boat ramp and dock.