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SAC-2017-00179 (MODIFIED)

Published Aug. 12, 2019
Expiration date: 8/26/2019

The work being proposed is a modification to an existing Department of the Army permit issued on April 16, 2018, which authorized the placement of up to 1,100,000 cubic yards (cy) of beach-quality sand along approximately 2.7 miles (14,100 linear feet) of shoreline.  Specifically, the modification includes extending the third reach approximately 2,100 linear feet north from the existing pier to 3rd Street (for a project total nourishment of 3.07 miles/ 16,200 linear feet).  According to the applicant, no additional borrow material beyond what is currently authorized will be required due to the current conditions of the project area.  In addition, the applicant proposes to modify the dredging period to allow work to commence on October 1.  The proposed work will be accomplished by either hydraulic (cutterhead) or hopper dredge and heavy machinery (bulldozers and loaders) shaping the fill on the beach.  All other aspects of the project remain unchanged. The applicant offered no compensatory mitigation for the proposed impacts. The project purpose is storm damage reduction.