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Published Oct. 1, 2019
Expiration date: 10/15/2019

The proposed work consists of installing a vinyl sheet pile retaining wall, filling an existing mooring basin, removing concrete debris from an intertidal area in front of the proposed retaining wall, and restoring an intertidal wetland with native emergent vegetation.

Specific Project Details Provided by the Applicant:

In detail, the proposed project consists of the following aspects: Installing approximately 210 linear feet (0.010 acres) of vinyl sheet pile bulkhead, spanning from the east side of Constitution Park (behind 835 Front Street) west to Buzz’s Roost (917 Front Street) with a portion of the bulkhead positioned waterward of an existing mooring basin / boat slip.  Bulkhead construction is planned to coincide with the filling of an existing mooring basin / boat slip (0.05 acres) directly adjacent to Constitution Park.  Additionally, the applicant is proposing to remove approximately 117 cubic yards of concrete debris accumulated over time and reestablish this area (0.075 acres) with native emergent marsh vegetation. Finally, the City of Georgetown will integrate several improvements to the existing city’s storm drainage system in the form of new and enlarged drainage pipes to be tied into the proposed bulkhead.

Avoidance and Minimization:

As stated by the applicant: “The preferred method to accomplish these goals is to install a linear vinyl bulkhead that connects existing adjacent bulkheads in a location parallel to the shoreline and Harborwalk. This unique situation would remove existing concrete debris and restore the intertidal wetland In front of the proposed bulkhead. This would improve the existing wetlands in the Sampit River by establishing native emergent vegetation, provide habitat for wildlife, and improve water quality.”

Proposed Mitigation:

As stated by the applicant:  “In order to help mitigate the fill of the boat slip and property (2646 ft²), the applicant is wanting to restore the intertidal marsh in front of the proposed bulkhead. The applicant is proposing to remove the existing concrete debris from the river and using the site for intertidal restoration (approximately 3284ft²) in order to mitigate for impacts associated with project related fill. This would have the added benefit or reintroducing native vegetation to site, improve water quality, attract wildlife, and add natural beauty to an area frequented by locals and tourists.”

Project Purpose:

As stated by the applicant: “The purpose for this project is the bank stabilization, prevention of flooding and protection of a historical building in Georgetown, South Carolina. Secondary goals include reintroducing native emergent vegetation to improve water quality, remove debris, provide contaminant storage, and provide habitat for native species.”