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Published Oct. 7, 2019
Expiration date: 10/21/2019

The proposed work consists of maintenance dredging within the Marina Colony boat basin, areas adjacent to docks located along the entrance channel, and the entrance channel leading to Main Creek. In detail, the project consists of removing approximately 4,000 cubic yards of material from approximately 0.85 acre to a depth of -4.0’ Mean Low Water (MLW) with an allowable overdepth of -0.5’ MLW. The work will be performed utilizing a hydraulic dredge.  The dredged material will be pumped via pipeline to geo-tubes stationed within a temporary storage area for dewatering.  The temporary storage area will be located within onsite uplands located adjacent to U.S. Highway 17 Business (see sheet 7 of 8 of proposed plans).  Hay bales and silt fencing will be placed around the perimeter of the upland temporary disposal area during the dewatering process.  The return water discharge pipe will be located on the existing boat ramp and hay bales will be stationed down flow of the discharge pipe to further filter the return water prior to re-entering the basin.  The de-watered dredged material will be hauled offsite to a final upland disposal site.  The applicant offered no compensatory mitigation for impacts associated with the proposed project. The project purpose is to provide sufficient water depths for navigation of the channel and boat basin at all tidal cycles.