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Published Feb. 5, 2020
Expiration date: 2/19/2020

The proposed work consists of constructing a roadway, walkways, picnic shelters, restrooms, parking areas, a boat ramp, a swim beach, two fishing piers, and shoreline stabilization.  In detail the work consists of constructing a roadway and trails to access the site consisting of placing 772 cubic yards of fill in 0.22 acre below the full pool elevation of which 0.02 acre is wetland as well as an additional 0.02 acre of temporary impacts to wetland during construction.  Selective shoreline stabilization is proposed in areas that are eroding includes installing rip-rap up to 3,707 cubic yards along 2,134 linear feet (0.85 acre) of shoreline.  Two T-shaped timber fishing piers with riprap fish attractor features are proposed to be installed with each consisting of 20 timber piles.  Each pier would have a walkway of approximately 85 feet by 8 feet with a fishing platform of 29 feet and 6 inches by 9 feet and 4 inches.  Each pier is proposed to include 11 cubic yards (0.01 acre) of rip-rap placed at the base of the support structures.  Additionally, abutments are proposed to stabilize both piers by placing 30 cubic yards (0.01 acre) at the northern pier and 42 cubic yards (0.01 acre) at the southern pier.  The proposed swim beach area would require placing 746 cubic yards (0.23 acre) of clean sand in an area of approximately 244 feet by 50 feet.  The swim beach will be demarcated by breakwaters of natural stone on the north and south to assist in preventing beach erosion. Construction of the breakwaters would result in the placement of a total of 43 cubic yards (0.01 acre) and 32 cubic yards (0.01 acre) of rip-rap in the two areas of approximately 8 feet by 50 feet.  A series of eight steel pile buoys will be erected between the natural stone breakwaters to establish an enclosed swim area bound by a floating barrier.  A boat ramp would be pre-cast on high ground and subsequently installed into the lake.  The ramp includes a floating dock in the center. The boat ramp would result in the placement of 92 cubic yards (0.08 acre) of concrete measuring 114 feet by 16 feet, with the floating dock resulting in approximately 0.03 acre of impacts measuring 104 feet by 8 feet.  A paved approach to the boat ramp is proposed to impact 0.06 acres below the full pool elevation of which 0.02 acre is wetland.  In total the project would impact approximately 1.43 acres below the full pool elevation, of which 0.04 acre is permanent wetland impacts and 0.03 is temporary wetland impacts.  The applicant has not proposed to mitigate for impacts to wetlands and/or waters of the United States.  The project purpose is to construct a new recreational facility.