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Published April 14, 2020
Expiration date: 5/13/2020

The proposed activity is a beach nourishment project along the south end of Litchfield Beach, SC.  In detail, the proposed work consists of the placement of up to 700,000 cubic yards (cy) of beach compatible sand along approximately 5,000l.f. of shoreline. Sand will be obtained from an offshore borrow area located 1.5 to 4 miles offshore.  The proposed work will be accomplished by either hydraulic (cutterhead) or hopper dredge and heavy machinery (bulldozers and loaders) shaping the fill on the beach. Within the shoreline footprint of 5,000l.f. (nourishment fill), the proposed work will also include dune crest fill for 4,000l.f.  The dune fill will occur above the Mean High Water (MHW) and High Tide Line (HTL) of the Atlantic Ocean. The applicant further stated that work under this permit application would be performed outside of sea turtle hatching season (August-October), and if practicable, outside of sea turtle nesting season (May-August).