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Published June 29, 2020
Expiration date: 7/13/2020

The proposed work consists of an overlook, a boardwalk, a public pier and a marina.  In detail the Heriot Overlook would consist of a 3,267 square feet “D” shaped overlook on the western side of the existing Heriot Street Bridge. The Kings Grant Boardwalk would consist of a 10’ x 974’ boardwalk with handrails leading to a 3 level covered overlook, a 10’ x 426’ walkway with handrail would lead from the western side of the overlook to a 3,800 square feet covered circular waterside overlook with a 10’ x 60’ gangway leading to a 12’ x 75’ floating day dock north and south of the walkway. The Landing Lane Pier would consist of 20’ x 505’ walkway with handrails leading to an 800 square feet covered waterside pavilion, located north and south of the pavilion would be a 25’ x 200’ fixed pier with a 3’ x 20’ gangway leading to a 12’ x 75’ floating dock. The Parker Heights Marina would consist of a 30’ x 50’ gangway leading from an existing pier to a 15’ x 501’ walkway pier, three 10’ x 145’ piers located landward of the walkway pier would facilitate the construction of 15 boat slips. The marina would be publicly accessible and serve transient (short stay), seasonal, and annual dockage for recreation boaters with vessels up to 40 feet in length. Additionally, a 6’ x 160’ freeboard kayak dock would be constructed on the southern portion of the existing pier in the vicinity of the Parker Heights Marina. The applicant has not proposed to mitigate for impacts to wetlands and/or waters of the United States. The project purpose is to provide safe and reliable access to the Ashley River.