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Published Aug. 18, 2020
Expiration date: 9/1/2020

The proposed work consists of modifying a previously authorized private marina.  In detail, the existing fixed dock and pierhead will remain the same. The proposed work is the additional construction of 4,912 square feet (SF) of floating docks and Sixty (60) 11’ 8” x 26’ 8” floating drive-on boat lifts totaling 18,666 SF.  The proposed floating docks and floating drive-on boat lifts will be secured by 12” class B timber piles at 10 foot spacing for an approximate total of 120 pilings. The applicant offered no compensatory mitigation for the impacts associated with the proposed work. It is understood that this work is to be conducted on/or adjacent to an area subject to a prism and/or disposal area held by the United States. Appropriate provisions will be included in the permit to ensure the interests of the Federal Government are understood. The project purpose is to provide private, recreational waterfront access to Winyah Bay/AIWW.