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Published Sept. 30, 2020
Expiration date: 10/14/2020

The proposed work consists of constructing five seawalls with associated fill behind the walls as well as installing two public boating docks.  All work is proposed to occur in the dry when the lakes water level have been lowered.  In detail, the proposed five sea walls involve 1,014 linear feet of seawall around the peninsula at the 336’ elevation.  This also includes placing up to 16,224 cubic yards of clean fill placed behind the walls, over an area of 0.85 acre.  Dock C is proposed to be 171’ x 99’, consisting of a 60’ gangway leading to a covered dock of 24 (11’ x 30’) slips.  The Pavilion Courtesy Dock is proposed to be 135’ x 54’ with a 40’ gangway leading to an uncovered dock of 8 (20’ x 25’) slips.  The applicant has not proposed any mitigation.  The project purpose is to provide erosion control and shoreline protection as well a provide additional boat parking.