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Published March 30, 2021
Expiration date: 4/13/2021

The proposed work consists of 3,642 linear feet (1.2 acres) of impacts to tidal waters for the renovation of tidal fields 1A and 1B.  In detail, the proposed work consists of mechanized re-profiling several existing, deteriorated portions of field perimeter embankments (dikes), installing 3 water control structures (2 trunks and 1 riser-box) on the renovated dikes, with all impacts being directed to the interior of the fields.  The applicant stated that the typical impoundment embankment profile (field-dike / berm / interior canal) footprint is still readily identifiable but has, in places, subsided or silted in.  Thus, all fill impacts required to reconstruct the field’s dike footprint can occur to the interior side of the field and on top of the original field-dike, thereby minimizing fill impacts and completely avoiding additional new wetland impacts outside the existing field footprint.  In addition, material for the dike renovation will be obtained from the existing interior field-dike canal(s) which will be restored largely to their original footprint. The applicant is not proposing mitigation for impacts to wetlands and/or waters of the United States.  According to the applicant, mitigation is not proposed because the proposed actions will result in a substantial net “environmental-uplift” specifically to this project site and to the overall Winyah Bay region.  The project purpose as stated by the applicant is to return hydrologic control, wildlife habitat management ability, and improved habitat functions to two separate and adjacent portions of Dover Plantation historic rice fields.